Funny toddler foods

If you know me and Hubby, you probably know that we are notoriously bad about “forgetting” to go grocery shopping, so we eat out a lot. And by a lot, I mean about 4 times a week. Two dinners we mooch from family, and maybe I cook once each week.

Anyway, that means that Lulu tends to try lots of different foods. For example, we went out to eat at Red Lobster with my parents a few weeks ago. We ordered simple mac and cheese for L, which she ate. But what else did she want to eat that day? Chunks of lemon.

She literally pulled the lemon off of my water glass and stuck it in her mouth. She made the most adorable pucker face and then went back for more! Now we offer her the lemon from my water pretty much every time we go out. She loves it.


More finger food tips

Earlier this week I talked about some of the vegetable finger foods that baby girl likes (or doesn’t like). Now I’ll share some of my other tips for baby finger foods.

We discovered pretty quickly that baby girl likes fruits. Pears make an alright finger food, but honestly, I think they’re more messy than they’re worth. I’m much better off mixing up a ripe pear (and its juice) with baby oatmeal as breakfast than I am trying to feed her pieces of the ripe pear. Did I mention she’ll tolerate being spoon fed better in the morning?


Entering the world of finger foods

When I first decided to make all of baby girl’s food, I figured it would be easy. We’d make lots of purees, and she’d get to eat healthy fruits, veggies and meats. It would be great.

And it has been. Mostly.

But for the past month or so, baby girl has lost patience with being spoon fed purees. She wants to feed herself. Of course, at 10 months old, she doesn’t have the coordination to feed herself with a spoon. Unfortunately, she’ll only tolerate me feeding her with a spoon for a couple of minutes. Not nearly long enough to feed her two cubes of food, much less three.


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