I Want the Honey Kind

I have a confession to make. I think I’m raising food snobs. It’s not that my kids are picky per se, it’s more that they’re particular.

We probably should have realized this a long time ago. I mean, Lynn and Gibby have always liked shrimp poppers better than chicken nuggets. Lynn liked pesto before spaghetti sauce. And we make real hot chocolate (the kind you make on the stove) on a regular basis.

So I shouldn’t be surprised that our bright little girl has picked up on the fact that there are certain foods I always get the “good” kind. Apparently, graham crackers is one of those foods.

The other day, her teacher told me that they had graham crackers for snack. Lulu very politely told her that she only likes “the honey kind” and that “these ones taste like cardboard.”


Well, actually, I can’t really blame her. Generic graham crackers do kind of taste like card board. But the honey maid brand are good. (And no, I promise this isn’t an ad for honey maid.)

So in honor of Lynnie’s desire for the honey kind, we had a special snack after lunch today.

Dee-licious snack

A little peanut butter, a little chocolate frosting, banana slices and graham crackers. As Gibby put it: dee-licious.

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