Lulu and her puppy

Most of you probably know that Hubby and I got a puppy in September of 2009. We got married that July, and he had promised me I  could get a dog after the wedding. After looking and looking, we decided to get a black lab from the Humane Society.

I’m allergic to some kinds of dogs, so we drove all the way to Buffalo (MN) to meet Tank. I fell in love that day, but to be on the safe side we went home to see if I would get sneezy. Since I didn’t, we drove back the next day and picked him up.


Funny toddler foods

If you know me and Hubby, you probably know that we are notoriously bad about “forgetting” to go grocery shopping, so we eat out a lot. And by a lot, I mean about 4 times a week. Two dinners we mooch from family, and maybe I cook once each week.

Anyway, that means that Lulu tends to try lots of different foods. For example, we went out to eat at Red Lobster with my parents a few weeks ago. We ordered simple mac and cheese for L, which she ate. But what else did she want to eat that day? Chunks of lemon.

She literally pulled the lemon off of my water glass and stuck it in her mouth. She made the most adorable pucker face and then went back for more! Now we offer her the lemon from my water pretty much every time we go out. She loves it.


It’s time for a new name for Baby Girl

I think I’ve finally come to grips with the idea that our Baby Girl isn’t really a baby anymore. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s starting to sink in that she really is a toddler. She’s becoming such an independent little lady, which is amazing to watch. So I guess she needs a new nickname for the blog. From here on out, we’ll just call her Lulu.

Last weekend we got a great reminder of just how much Lulu isn’t a baby anymore. One of my best friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on August 7. Little Lucy is perfect. We were privileged to get to see the family in the hospital the day after Lucy was born.

Hubby and I brought our little girl with us, but we weren’t quite sure how she would react to the newborn. Anyway, Lulu did wonderfully with Lucy. She gave the baby hugs and was very gentle with her.

Lulu didn’t quite understand why I wouldn’t give her the baby to walk around with, but how much can you really ask of a 14-month-old? All in all, I’d say she did fantastically well with the tiny baby.

Later last week we visited the family at home to drop off some presents for the Lucy. Again, Lulu did a great job. At first she ignored the newborn, but then she came over and gave her a hug and was very gentle again.

I’m so excited to see how she will do with a little brother or sister of her own! We keep telling her that she’s going to be a big
sister soon, but I’m sure she doesn’t know what that means. We say that she’ll have a baby brother or sister of her own soon, but again, I don’t think she understands the concept yet.

For those of you who have multiple children, how did you help your toddlers understand what was happening when you became pregnant with the second baby?

Not my favorite milestone

I know, I know. Every new milestone is exciting. When Baby Girl first started crawling, I was in awe. Our little 5-month-old was moving on her own power! Then she started to take a few steps at 9 months, and again we were ecstatic about the new development.

Now, at 15 months, Baby Girl has learned how to do something else new: She can climb on top of the coffee table.


A new family tradition

There are some things you just have to do to maintain your sanity. For Hubby and me, taking a weekend just to ourselves was definitely one of those things. Our anniversary was actually July 24, but we couldn’t get away then, so we celebrated last weekend instead.

We dropped Baby Girl off at Hubby’s parent’s house and headed for the cabin. It was the longest I’ve ever been away from her, but it was such a great thing to do! L had tons of fun with her grandparents (who of course were ecstatic to have her for a whole  weekend), and Hubby and I were able to spend some time alone.

The best part of the weekend for me was that we didn’t really do anything. I read a book cover-to-cover while Hubby read his own. We played a few board games and just generally enjoyed each other’s company. It was wonderful. More

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