He laughed!

Is there anything better than the sound of children’s laughter? One of my favorite milestones is the first time my babies learned to laugh.

And now all three have reached it!

Today when I picked Lawson up from daycare he was so excited to see me that he giggled and laughed. It was awesome.

Lulu has always been a little bit suspicious of laughter. I think it’s because she’s concerned that people are laughing at her rather than with her. When she was about two, she found a sheet of stickers and covered herself from head to toe in them. She was very proud of her accomplishment, and was mortified when her daddy and I laughed out loud as she showed us what she’d done.

I’ve been trying to convince her that sometimes she makes people smile so big that it comes out as a laugh.

And I swear that’s what happened with Lawson this afternoon. Seeing how happy he was when I got there completely made my day (and probably even my week!). His chubby cheeks pulled up in a huge grin, and he started to giggle.

Another dad came in to pick up his daughter, and even he couldn’t help but smile and comment on how adorable my son’s little laugh was. Lawson probably made his day a little brighter too.

Now if only I could get the little guy to let me record him laughing so I could share it with all of you!

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