Entering the world of finger foods

When I first decided to make all of baby girl’s food, I figured it would be easy. We’d make lots of purees, and she’d get to eat healthy fruits, veggies and meats. It would be great.

And it has been. Mostly.

But for the past month or so, baby girl has lost patience with being spoon fed purees. She wants to feed herself. Of course, at 10 months old, she doesn’t have the coordination to feed herself with a spoon. Unfortunately, she’ll only tolerate me feeding her with a spoon for a couple of minutes. Not nearly long enough to feed her two cubes of food, much less three.

So we’ve been trying out new finger foods. I thought I’d share some of our experiments with you. This post I’ll talk about the veggies we’ve tried. Then I’ll share other ideas in the next post.

First we went with the traditional Cheerios. I’ve got to say, they aren’t her favorite. She’ll eat them if nothing else is around, but I think she finds them a little bit boring. (I know, I said we’d talk about veggies, but I had to start with the basics, right?)

Then we tried steamed carrots. Those, she loves. We cut them into small pieces, and she’ll munch her way through five or six baby carrots if you let her.

Next up were peas. Again, she likes to eat them, but only if she doesn’t see something tastier around. We’ve actually taken to bringing a small bag of peas and carrots with us to restaurants so that she has something to eat while we are eating. It works pretty well.

Then I decided to venture out into different veggies. We’ve tried green beans, which didn’t go over well. She’ll eat them if I am eating them, but even then she only eats one or two bites before she starts to spit them out.

The butternut squash turned out better than I expected. Hubby said he didn’t think it would work at all, and I figured he would be right. But I had a squash to cook anyway, so I cut it into tiny pieces and threw them in the steamer. It actually works okay as a finger food. Baby girl likes that she can squish them, so the squash is a little messier than other finger foods, but she enjoys eating it.

See? We’ve discovered that baby girl really will try just about anything we give her, which has been really nice. We are taking a trip at the end of May, and I’m not too worried about having food she can eat. We’ll just stop at the grocery store and buy some veggies and fruit, and she’ll be set.

Keep your eyes open for the next post for more finger food ideas.

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  1. michelr
    Apr 25, 2011 @ 22:51:18

    I am so happy to be in the finger food stage! Maddy had no interest in any food for a long time, and now she will eat almost anything. Try flavoring her food more – maddy loves onions, seasoning, etc. Now she can’t get enough of the same foods she used to gag & puke back up 4 months ago! Try steamed broccoli – one of maddy’s favs! All I do now is give her pieces of our dinner if safe, or some veggies & pasta if ours can’t be made kid friendly.


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