One Post Wonder

You know those dinners that they call “one pot wonders” because you just throw everything in a pot, and it’s basically an entire meal? Well, think of this post as a “one post wonder.” I’m going to try to catch you up on everything that’s happened in the past six months. I apologize now for the length of this post.

I’m torn between trying to write this post in chronological order or give you the most important news first. Important news wins out. Our beautiful baby boy is here! Well, he’s actually been here for almost six weeks now. I can’t believe I’m just now getting around to posting about his arrival (more to come in a later post). Here’s a fairly recent picture. Isn’t he adorable?


New Shoes for Lulu

I have a confession to make. I am horrible at remembering to buy Lulu new clothes and shoes before the ones she has a too small. So my daughter has been wearing too-small shoes for about 2 weeks. I finally decided that her little size 4 moccasins just wouldn’t cut it anymore when I realized that they were leaving deep impressions on her ankles.

While we were shopping for fall clothes, I looked for shoes. Carter’s didn’t have anything I liked, so of course Lulu had to wear the size 4s for a little while longer.

Today, I finally had time to buy her shoes. Off we went to Target. Much to my surprise, the baby and toddler shoes weren’t located with the rest of the baby stuff. I guess I don’t know why I expected them to be. Adult shoes aren’t in the same area as the adult clothes…


Two words: consignment sale

I have a confession to make. I love buying clothes for baby girl. I know that a sale at Carter’s or Babies R Us doesn’t usually mean great deals, but I can’t help myself. I go anyway, and I almost always come out with one or two outfits. Sure, they don’t cost a lot, but when you add up all of those little unnecessary purchases, it can get expensive.

That’s why I love the Just Between Friends consignment sale. Twice a year, the local community center is taken over by a giant kids’ stuff consignment sale. The entire gymnasium is covered with rack upon rack of clothes, tables full of toys, books, shoes and other kid gear. At the back of the gym, you find the strollers, pack ‘n plays, play gyms and other big toys.


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