New Shoes for Lulu

I have a confession to make. I am horrible at remembering to buy Lulu new clothes and shoes before the ones she has a too small. So my daughter has been wearing too-small shoes for about 2 weeks. I finally decided that her little size 4 moccasins just wouldn’t cut it anymore when I realized that they were leaving deep impressions on her ankles.

While we were shopping for fall clothes, I looked for shoes. Carter’s didn’t have anything I liked, so of course Lulu had to wear the size 4s for a little while longer.

Today, I finally had time to buy her shoes. Off we went to Target. Much to my surprise, the baby and toddler shoes weren’t located with the rest of the baby stuff. I guess I don’t know why I expected them to be. Adult shoes aren’t in the same area as the adult clothes…


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