More finger food tips

Earlier this week I talked about some of the vegetable finger foods that baby girl likes (or doesn’t like). Now I’ll share some of my other tips for baby finger foods.

We discovered pretty quickly that baby girl likes fruits. Pears make an alright finger food, but honestly, I think they’re more messy than they’re worth. I’m much better off mixing up a ripe pear (and its juice) with baby oatmeal as breakfast than I am trying to feed her pieces of the ripe pear. Did I mention she’ll tolerate being spoon fed better in the morning?

The next fruit we tried was strawberries. She loved the Baby Berries so much that I figured she’d like plain strawberries. I was right. This is by far her favorite food. In fact, if she sees strawberries, she refuses to eat anything else. It doesn’t matter if they are sweet or tart, she loves them.

And she loves them mixed up with other things. I had a pound of strawberries that were close to going bad, so I mixed them up with bananas and a pear. That’s one of the few pureed foods she still loves to eat.

Another great finger food is hard boiled eggs. We’ve only done the egg whites because I feel like they are easier to handle. She gobbles them up and then asks for more. Well, she points at her plate and screeches, but close enough, right?

The last finger food tip I wanted to share is something that I thought sounded like a horrible idea the first time I heard it. Spread pureed baby food on a piece of toast, and cut the toast into tiny pieces. Sounds messy, right?

Well, it is a little bit. But not any worse than steamed squash or berries.

Baby girl loves this! We’ve used the trick to get her to eat her pureed meats for the last couple of weeks. Until I tried this, she was eating one bit and then spitting the rest out. Now she eats 2 cubes of pureed meat on top of a piece of toast. It’s really not any messier than other finger foods, and she loves it.

Here’s a picture of baby girl enjoying eating like a big girl. Sniff. I’m not ready for this!


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  1. Michele
    Apr 26, 2011 @ 22:54:06

    Awesome! Maddy actually loves meat directly – she had ground beef last night and some baked chicken tonight, along with the green beans with garlic and soy sauce and couscous!


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