Lulu and her puppy

Most of you probably know that Hubby and I got a puppy in September of 2009. We got married that July, and he had promised me I  could get a dog after the wedding. After looking and looking, we decided to get a black lab from the Humane Society.

I’m allergic to some kinds of dogs, so we drove all the way to Buffalo (MN) to meet Tank. I fell in love that day, but to be on the safe side we went home to see if I would get sneezy. Since I didn’t, we drove back the next day and picked him up.


Dog: baby’s role model

A friend of mine had a baby two weeks ago, and hubby and I brought our little girl to meet them this week. When we arrived, we were greeted by the tiniest baby I’ve ever seen. Little O is only 5 pounds and 10 ounces at two weeks old, but she’s healthy and perfect. She has those beautiful wrinkly baby feet and a teeny tiny little nose.

When we introduced my nine-month-old daughter to O, she smiled and gingerly put her hand on the little baby’s shoulder. That’s my girl, caring and gentle.


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