New Shoes for Lulu

I have a confession to make. I am horrible at remembering to buy Lulu new clothes and shoes before the ones she has a too small. So my daughter has been wearing too-small shoes for about 2 weeks. I finally decided that her little size 4 moccasins just wouldn’t cut it anymore when I realized that they were leaving deep impressions on her ankles.

While we were shopping for fall clothes, I looked for shoes. Carter’s didn’t have anything I liked, so of course Lulu had to wear the size 4s for a little while longer.

Today, I finally had time to buy her shoes. Off we went to Target. Much to my surprise, the baby and toddler shoes weren’t located with the rest of the baby stuff. I guess I don’t know why I expected them to be. Adult shoes aren’t in the same area as the adult clothes…


Where did the past 11 months go?

Can you believe my baby is already 11 months old? She’s a beautiful, healthy, active little girl. Basically, she’s perfect. But what happened to my tiny baby?

When we brought our daughter home from the hospital last June, my husband and I looked at her in awe as she sat in her car seat. We picked her up and cuddled her for hours. We watched her with wonder as she peered at us with sleepy eyes.


What’s worth worrying about?

When I was pregnant, I totally thought I was going to be one of those mothers who walks around with a bottle of hand sanitizer and refusing to let people touch the baby until their hands were clean and they promised not to kiss the baby. Thankfully for all of us, I’m not one of those members of the mommy club.

I also thought I might end up being the kind of mother who needed a video monitor to rest assured that she was not tangled in the covers or suffocating in the crib bumper. Again, thankfully a regular sound monitor does just fine for us.


Didn’t you know? Babies are communal property of women everywhere.

You know how pregnant women’s bellies become communal property by month 9? Apparently, the same is true once the baby is born.

This morning, baby girl and I were sitting with my parents at church while Hubby sang with the choir. When our daughter was about a month old, Hubby and I both sang in the choir and my parents took care of the baby. They pretty quickly asked if one of us would kindly sit with them. Going to church with a 10-month-old (Can you believe my baby’s 10 months old today?) can be, well … interesting.


My baby’s walking!

Look out world – there’s another baby on the loose. My 9-month-old daughter has figured out the fine art of toddling. Sunday morning she took a couple of tentative steps toward her daddy. Then Monday she was coaxed into a few more with a sippy cup (we caught that one on video!). But Tuesday takes the cake. When I arrived at daycare to pick her up, she toddled a full four or five feet into my arms. I’ve got to say, that’s up there in my favorite mommy moments thus far.

The first time my daughter squirmed away from someone else because she only wanted me, I told my husband it was “life validating.” I may not be perfect, but my daughter sure thinks I am. So when she teetered and tottered toward me earlier, I felt the same way — like being her mommy is what I was created to do. At the same time, I’m so proud of my baby girl. More

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