Funny toddler foods

If you know me and Hubby, you probably know that we are notoriously bad about “forgetting” to go grocery shopping, so we eat out a lot. And by a lot, I mean about 4 times a week. Two dinners we mooch from family, and maybe I cook once each week.

Anyway, that means that Lulu tends to try lots of different foods. For example, we went out to eat at Red Lobster with my parents a few weeks ago. We ordered simple mac and cheese for L, which she ate. But what else did she want to eat that day? Chunks of lemon.

She literally pulled the lemon off of my water glass and stuck it in her mouth. She made the most adorable pucker face and then went back for more! Now we offer her the lemon from my water pretty much every time we go out. She loves it.


Another adventure in eating out with baby: Boston Market

Eating out with an infant is always an experience. Now that baby girl is eating finger food, it’s actually kind of fun. She’s big enough that most high chairs let her reach the table, and a handful of cheerios or peas keeps her entertained. At least for a little while.

That brings me to my new way of evaluating restaurants. Since I put baby girl’s finger food right on the table, I always clean it off with a wipe before putting her food down. I’ve discovered that most restaurants actually have pretty clean tables. We’ve only been to a few at which the wipe came away black or even gray after rubbing the table down.


One of the best baby purchases we’ve made

When hubby and I registered for baby gifts, we figured that we probably didn’t need everything the Babies R Us guide says to get. For example, we were pretty convinced that we didn’t need a wipe warmer (although I registered for one anyway), and we knew that it was way too early to look at potty training seats.

But we didn’t know that a high chair was something else to cross off the list.


Adventures in eating out with baby

I love to cook, but I’m not great about grocery shopping, so hubby and I end up eating out a lot for dinner. Last night we went to Ruby Tuesday’s. The food was great, and I love their salad bar because I can get little bits of things for the baby to eat without having to bring something along. See? This is what I’d call a totally balanced baby meal: cucumber bites, peas, edemame (minus the shell) and shredded cheese.

Anyway, we finished up dinner and I decided it was time to change the baby’s diaper. So we trotted over to the ladies’ room to take care of it. I got the wet diaper off her and was digging in the diaper bag for the tube of Boudreaux’s (yes, I use Butt Paste – hate the name but it works like a charm). When I looked back up, there was a steady stream of urine quietly soaking my child, the changing table and her clothes.


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