Planning for baby’s birthday

I said it before, but I truly can’t believe it’s already time to start planning baby girl’s birthday party. She was born on June 3, 2010, so it’s still five weeks away. But we’ll be out of town on her actual birthday, and the weekend before is Memorial Day. So we decided to have her party on May 21, hence the planning already.

At first I thought I wanted to have a Monsters Inc. themed party. Since the day she was born, Hubby and I have called her “monster.” She got the nickname mostly because of this picture.

That was taken just moments after she was born, and for the first few months of her life, her hands looked like tiny monster hands when she was unhappy. So we started calling her monster, and it’s stuck.


More finger food tips

Earlier this week I talked about some of the vegetable finger foods that baby girl likes (or doesn’t like). Now I’ll share some of my other tips for baby finger foods.

We discovered pretty quickly that baby girl likes fruits. Pears make an alright finger food, but honestly, I think they’re more messy than they’re worth. I’m much better off mixing up a ripe pear (and its juice) with baby oatmeal as breakfast than I am trying to feed her pieces of the ripe pear. Did I mention she’ll tolerate being spoon fed better in the morning?


Entering the world of finger foods

When I first decided to make all of baby girl’s food, I figured it would be easy. We’d make lots of purees, and she’d get to eat healthy fruits, veggies and meats. It would be great.

And it has been. Mostly.

But for the past month or so, baby girl has lost patience with being spoon fed purees. She wants to feed herself. Of course, at 10 months old, she doesn’t have the coordination to feed herself with a spoon. Unfortunately, she’ll only tolerate me feeding her with a spoon for a couple of minutes. Not nearly long enough to feed her two cubes of food, much less three.


Baby girl’s first trip to the zoo

I can’t believe I haven’t gotten around to writing about our trip to the zoo! I apologize that it is a bit belated. My father-in-law’s birthday was a couple of weeks ago. We wanted to do something fun as a family, so we decided to go to the zoo.

It’s still a little chilly here, so we couldn’t see all of the animals, but there were plenty to keep baby girl entertained. The first thing we saw was the polar bear. While the rest of us thought it was pretty cool, baby girl didn’t seem impressed. I think it’s because she had a hard time seeing the animal through the fencing.

From there we went to the aquatics building. She loved that exhibit! Between the sea lions and the puffins and the penguins, we probably could have stayed in that building all day. Baby girl was absolutely enthralled watching the sea animals. I think the regular old fish tank might have been her favorite though.

We also got to see the big cats. Baby girl and her daddy stood at the glass by the leopard for a good five minutes, watching the animal pace back and forth. It was fun to see that she was aware of what was going on. She’d watch the leopard pace, and then smile back at me. Then she’d watch the animal some more and smile up at her dad. That definitely made my heart happy to watch.

Then we moved on to the monkey building. The monkeys are always my favorite, and I think baby girl had a good time in that building too. We started out by the big apes and worked our way through to the little tiny monkeys. At each new exhibit, baby girl would walk over to the glass and watch the animals play. So cute!

One of the great things about the zoo by us is that it also has a conservatory, so we took a walk through the flowers, too. While it might still feel like winter outside (I still can’t believe it snowed 2 inches on April 20!), it was definitely spring at the conservatory. That was a nice change of pace, and baby girl enjoyed trying to pick the flowers.

So all in all, I’d say we had a very successful birthday party for Grandpa. Even if I am a little late in writing about it.

Is my baby really becoming a toddler?

I can’t believe that my baby girl’s one year birthday party is only a month away. Now, in all fairness, we are doing the party two weeks early to fit with family members’ schedules, but still! How can it already be time to plan baby girl’s birthday party?

I know this sounds cheesy, but it truthfully feels like only yesterday I was on maternity leave. Little L wasn’t even a month old in this picture, but doesn’t it look like one of the best things life has to offer?


The Great Car Seat Debate

Sorry for the radio silence this week. It’s been a little hectic around here. I think we’ve had dinner guests every night since last Wednesday. I love entertaining, but it makes finding time to blog more difficult.

With that said, this post is a bit belated and also a bit long. My apologies in on both fronts. We’ve been looking at buying a convertible car seat for baby girl for a couple of months now, and we finally made a decision last weekend. This weekend, I purchased the second convertible seat so that we have one in each of our cars.

I’ve got to say, picking out a car seat might be the most difficult thing we’ve had to do as parents thus far. Sure getting up in the middle of the night is no fun, and entertaining a squirmy baby girl during church is challenging, but neither of those really involves making decisions. Choosing a car seat is a big decision.


So why don’t I stay home with baby girl?

Before I offend anyone, I should probably start out by saying that I think stay-at-home moms are amazing. They have the kind of creativity, passion and patience that I can only dream about having. In fact, I used to think I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. And maybe I will again someday, but not yet.

So it always comes as a surprise to me when someone asks “So, are you staying home with the baby now?” Oftentimes it’s asked as though the only correct answer is yes. Isn’t that a bit presumptuous? Especially now-a-days when working outside the home is fairly common. Especially if the person who’s asking is someone I haven’t seen for a long time or I am just meeting.


Heooooo. Can you hear me now?

I don’t know whether to break out the camera and document this “milestone” or cry because of what it must say about my life. Today, baby girl picked up my cell phone, put it to her ear and said “heooooo.” Then she gave me a big grin.

Normally, she picks up my phone and tries to eat it. This time, she knew what to do with it. Then she did it again when her daddy got home!


Where’s baby girl? There she is!

Babies all over the world love to play peek-a-boo, or so I’m told. A friend was over for dinner last week, and she said that playing peek-a-boo makes babies in India giggle too.   

I believe it. The game itself is simple, but that’s part of why babies love it so much.

This is the first game baby girl really understood. Only we don’t say “peek-a-boo.” I have no idea why, but when baby girl was only a few weeks old, Hubby started saying “Where’s L?” when he hid behind a blanket and then “There she is!” when he pulled it away. It stuck.


The life of an absent-minded working mom

*Warning: For all of the non-nursing moms who read my blog (this includes you, gentlemen), this post will discuss breastfeeding. If that makes you uncomfortable, you might want to come back another day.

Last chance. Are you sure you want to keep reading?

Okay, now that they’ve left, let’s talk about the reality of being a working mom. Being a working mom means you encounter “challenges” that you probably never thought about before you became a mom. For me, the hardest part is that I seem to have become a bit, well, absent-minded.


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