He laughed!

Is there anything better than the sound of children’s laughter? One of my favorite milestones is the first time my babies learned to laugh.

And now all three have reached it!

Today when I picked Lawson up from daycare he was so excited to see me that he giggled and laughed. It was awesome.


Our first kids’ party

This past Saturday we had another 2nd birthday party for Lynnie. This time it was for “her friends.” Okay, so it was for my friends who have kids around Lulu’s age. We had a BLAST!

The party started at 2 in the afternoon, and Lulu started waiting by the front door around 1:30 saying “friends. over.” When our friend Sarah and baby W arrived, Lulu was so excited! And then she realized that she had to share her toys. But she got over that pretty quickly, and had a fantastic day.


Happy Lynnie Day

(a much too detailed account of my daughter’s 2nd birthday)

*Fair warning: this post contains a lot of details because I want to remember everything about my little girl’s special day. If reading detailed accounts of mundane activities isn’t your thing, suffice it to say that her 2nd birthday was pretty great.

“Mommy, c[ome] on. Mommy, wake. Mommy.” It’s not a bad way to start the day, really. Lulu calmly let us know that she was awake and ready for the day around 8 this morning. I went into her bedroom and found her laying sideways in her crib, happy to see me. “Hi, Mommy. Happy Lynnie day!”

I can’t believe my baby girl turned 2 today. I want to remember every detail of the day, because it really was a happy day.


Little Milestones

My daughter will be 2 a week from today. Can you believe it? She’s talking, and running and dancing. And she’s eating with a big girl fork. Last night, we went to Noodles & Co. for dinner. Of course, I forgot to bring a toddler fork for Lulu, but she didn’t mind. She loved eating with a big person fork.

I love that she’s independent. I love that she’s coordinated. I love that she’s becoming a smart, well-mannered little girl. But sometimes I don’t love how quickly she’s growing up.

Today it’s eating with a big-girl fork. Next week it’ll be turning 2. Then before we blink, she’ll be going to kindergarten and doing really big girl things. But for now, I’ll just try to sit back and enjoy watching her learn new skills. Like learning to use a fork.


In the meantime, her baby brother is making his own achievements. His first tooth is coming in, and he learned to roll over this week. We were sitting in the airport lounge waiting for our flight when the Gibster first decided to attempt the roll. By the time he made it from his back to his belly, he had quite a crowd cheering for him. Then today he mastered the belly-to-back roll. Way to go Gib!


The Girl in the Mirror

Have you ever thought about how many things we have to learn early in life? It’s amazing to think about all of the little skills that Lulu has already learned. Things like sitting back down after you stand up or putting lego blocks together required so much effort at first. Now she can do both of those things without thinking.

The newest lesson I’m trying to teach Lulu is that the girl in the mirror is her. She loves looking at the mirror and showing herself how to do things.


Baby Giggles Rock

I feel like I’ve been neglecting telling you stories about the Gibster lately. That’s probably because he isn’t mobile yet. For the most part we’re still in the “eat, sleep, poop” phase of life. But one of my very favorite milestones happened last night.

He giggled. Baby Gibby’s smiles take up his entire face. I think his laugh is probably what you would hear if happiness had a sound. It was wonderful.

And then he slept from 11:45 until 5:45 in the morning. And it was even more wonderful. Baby giggles and a full night’s rest? Yes, please!

Not my favorite milestone

I know, I know. Every new milestone is exciting. When Baby Girl first started crawling, I was in awe. Our little 5-month-old was moving on her own power! Then she started to take a few steps at 9 months, and again we were ecstatic about the new development.

Now, at 15 months, Baby Girl has learned how to do something else new: She can climb on top of the coffee table.


Love, laughter and birthday cake

 Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m still a little bit in denial about this whole first birthday thing. Baby girl isn’t actually turning one until June 3, so I guess I’m entitled to avoid really accepting it until then. But we did have her birthday party today.

During the past week, I ordered three cakes. Yep, three birthday cakes for my daughter’s first birthday. As one friend pointed out, the cakes outnumbered Baby Girl’s age. But hey, two of those were free!


Planning for baby’s birthday

I said it before, but I truly can’t believe it’s already time to start planning baby girl’s birthday party. She was born on June 3, 2010, so it’s still five weeks away. But we’ll be out of town on her actual birthday, and the weekend before is Memorial Day. So we decided to have her party on May 21, hence the planning already.

At first I thought I wanted to have a Monsters Inc. themed party. Since the day she was born, Hubby and I have called her “monster.” She got the nickname mostly because of this picture.

That was taken just moments after she was born, and for the first few months of her life, her hands looked like tiny monster hands when she was unhappy. So we started calling her monster, and it’s stuck.


Is my baby really becoming a toddler?

I can’t believe that my baby girl’s one year birthday party is only a month away. Now, in all fairness, we are doing the party two weeks early to fit with family members’ schedules, but still! How can it already be time to plan baby girl’s birthday party?

I know this sounds cheesy, but it truthfully feels like only yesterday I was on maternity leave. Little L wasn’t even a month old in this picture, but doesn’t it look like one of the best things life has to offer?


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