What I’m Thankful For

Last week was Thanksgiving, and one of the things I was most thankful for is my family. You see, I have three amazing kiddos who range in age from 1 year old to 5 years old. Our family has had a child wearing diapers for a solid 5 years.

I did a bit of math, and we’ve gone through at least 13,000 diapers. Just in our family.

So what am I thankful for? I’m thankful that I’ve never had to worry about whether I could afford the next diaper my child needed. I’m thankful that I’ve never had to question whether the diaper was “wet enough” or “dirty enough” to need changing.

But way too many parents in our community are struggling with those very questions every, single day.

We can do something about this. We have to do something about this.

So in the midst of your holiday shopping this year, considering picking up a box of diapers or hosting a diaper drive to help make the holidays just a little bit brighter for families in need.

Not sure where to donate diapers? If you’re in the Twin Cities area, The Diaper Drive is a great option. If you live somewhere else, Huggies Every Little Bottom campaign has some great information to get your started.

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