This Is the Stuff

I was catching up with a friend this morning, and she framed up my life perfectly. She said, “These are your busy years.” And she’s right.

These are the years of having three children under the age of five. Of carrying the baby in his car seat and the three-year-old on my hip. Of middle of the night accidents, and frantic shoe searches each morning. Of “please put your coat on for the umpteenth time” and it takes us 30 minutes longer that I’d like to get out the door.

But these are also the years of “snuggle me a little longer, Mama.” More

10 Reasons My Preschoolers Smiled Today

You know all of those posts about Why My Toddler is Screaming? There’s even an entire blog devoted to it. We’ve all read them. And we’ve probably all laughed (or cringed) because we’ve been in the same boat as the parents taking those pictures.

But you know what? There’s an equal number of reasons that my preschoolers have been smiling lately. Here are just the first 10 that come to mind:

1. Tickle fights. This one is a little bit obvious, but there is nothing that gets my kids laughing like being tickled. Except maybe getting to tickle mommy.

2. Doing something new by themselves. Both of my older kids are fairly independent (shocking, I know), so learning a new skill tends to lead to excited exclamations like “I did it!” accompanied by a big grin.


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