Our first swimming lesson

Baby girl and I went to our first swimming lesson today. A friend of mine has a 9-month old baby boy, so we decided it would be fun to take swim lessons together. We were definitely right!

At first, baby E (my friend’s little boy) seemed to like the water more than Baby Girl. He splashed and giggled right away. L seemed to need a little more time to adjust, but soon enough she was smiling and laughing, too.


Love, laughter and birthday cake

 Okay, I’ll admit it. I’m still a little bit in denial about this whole first birthday thing. Baby girl isn’t actually turning one until June 3, so I guess I’m entitled to avoid really accepting it until then. But we did have her birthday party today.

During the past week, I ordered three cakes. Yep, three birthday cakes for my daughter’s first birthday. As one friend pointed out, the cakes outnumbered Baby Girl’s age. But hey, two of those were free!


Playing at the park with baby

Baby girl is almost a year old, but we haven’t
really played with her at the park yet. Last summer, she was too little. And
let’s face it, Minnesota winters aren’t exactly conducive to playing outside
with a baby.

So today we took baby girl to the park on our way
home from church. There’s a park close to my parent’s house that has a special
toddler area. Instead of sand or woodchips, it has the semi-squishy rubber
ground. There are baby swings and a small jungle-gym with a slide.


My Mother’s Day

You might not know this, but Sunday was actually my second Mother’s Day. Last year when I was pregnant with our daughter, my husband was incredibly thoughtful and bought me a Mother’s Day present. The card attached said “I am so happy you are the mother of my child. Happy first Mother’s Day.”

How sweet is that?

I was so touched that he wanted to celebrate me on Mother’s Day last year. So you can see that he set high expectations for himself. This year, he definitely met those expectations.

On Friday afternoon, Hubby came home from work and was clearly excited. Picture a little boy on Christmas, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what I mean.

I was rocking baby girl in her bedroom when Hubby came in. He asked if he could give me my Mother’s Day present early. What was I going to say? No? So he brought a plastic shopping bag into the room and pulled out two beautifully framed pictures.

We took at trip to Peru in 2008 and brought home these gorgeous watercolors. I’ve wanted to get them framed for a long time but never expended the effort to make it happen, so Hubby did it for me. I love them!

But it’s definitely not the present that made my Mother’s Day special. It was how much thought and effort went into that gift. It was knowing that my husband loves me for lots of reasons, and one of those reasons is that I am the mother of his child. We have a gorgeous baby girl, and I’m proud to be her mama.

Chasing shadows

Have I mentioned how excited I am that it is finally sunny? It’s the first week of May, and it finally feels like spring. Baby girl and I can play outside again. It’s fantastic.

Earlier this week, Hubby and I took baby girl for a nice long walk. The sun was shining, and we wandered our way over to Punch Pizza for dinner and back. Then we put the little one to bed, and it was still sunny outside.

I think if I could, I would live in a place that is sunny most of the year. Hubby says you have to have Minnesota winter to truly appreciate spring days, but I totally disagree. I would appreciate sunny and 70s if it only snowed one month out of the year instead of nine.


Where did the past 11 months go?

Can you believe my baby is already 11 months old? She’s a beautiful, healthy, active little girl. Basically, she’s perfect. But what happened to my tiny baby?

When we brought our daughter home from the hospital last June, my husband and I looked at her in awe as she sat in her car seat. We picked her up and cuddled her for hours. We watched her with wonder as she peered at us with sleepy eyes.


What’s worth worrying about?

When I was pregnant, I totally thought I was going to be one of those mothers who walks around with a bottle of hand sanitizer and refusing to let people touch the baby until their hands were clean and they promised not to kiss the baby. Thankfully for all of us, I’m not one of those members of the mommy club.

I also thought I might end up being the kind of mother who needed a video monitor to rest assured that she was not tangled in the covers or suffocating in the crib bumper. Again, thankfully a regular sound monitor does just fine for us.


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