My Little Loves

There’s a song we sing when the baby is crying. It goes like this:

Little Lawson Love, Mommy loves you

Little Lawson Love, Daddy loves you

Little Lawson Love, Lynnie loves you

Little Lawson Love, Gibby loves you

Little Lawson Love, we all love you

Yes, we do

I’ve sung some version of this song with each of my children as babies, and it’s a little bit sad to think that this might be the last time I’ll hold a tiny one in my arms and hush his tears with this song.


This Is the Stuff

I was catching up with a friend this morning, and she framed up my life perfectly. She said, “These are your busy years.” And she’s right.

These are the years of having three children under the age of five. Of carrying the baby in his car seat and the three-year-old on my hip. Of middle of the night accidents, and frantic shoe searches each morning. Of “please put your coat on for the umpteenth time” and it takes us 30 minutes longer that I’d like to get out the door.

But these are also the years of “snuggle me a little longer, Mama.” More

My little trooper travelers

The K family has had a busy fall, and it’s not over yet. In the past 3 months, we have completed not one, not two, but five car trips with the kiddos. Yep, you read that right. We’ve gone on 5 car trips since August, and we’re not through yet. With all of that driving, I have found myself being very grateful for three things:

1. My husband does all of the driving.

I have an admission to make. I fall asleep if I drive long distances. When my sister got married, her in-laws threw her a shower about 3 hours away from the Cities. I had to stop at a gas station on my way home to buy a cold caffeinated drink in order to get home semi-safely. So I’m very happy to say that my husband is amazing and does all of the driving on long car trips. Also, Kevin driving lets me climb between into the back seat if any crying does start.



Ever since Lynnie was learning to speak, we’ve played two word games. The first is pretty common. I ask the kids how big they are, and they put their hands up and say “so big!” But my favorite question to ask is “how much does Mommy love you?” and we both stretch our arms out and say “so much!”

Gibby discovered that it makes me laugh if he says “happy” instead, so that’s always his response now. But you know what, I love it! He is such a happy little man that the reply is perfect for him.

Here are some more of his favorite things to say:


Happy Mommy Day

Mothers’ day is important to me. And my husband has always tried hard to make it special.

When I was pregnant with our daughter, he was incredibly sweet and bought me a mother’s day gift. I still have the note he attached written on lined journal paper telling me how happy he was that I’m the mother of his children. Every year he reminds me that he still feels that way.

This year for Mothers’ Day, the hubby bought me fancy bubble bath (and we all know I love a good bubble bath!), but the real present of the day was that he taught our daughter to say three adorable words together:


The Best “Job” in the World

How can my baby girl be almost 2? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was getting up in the middle of the night to feed her instead of her baby brother? Now, my 3 am snuggle time is spent with our son instead of our daughter. It’s our son who’s learning how to roll over, discovering his hands and cooing when I make silly noises.

Lulu, on the other hand, seems to learn something new every day. Her vocabulary is constantly expanding, and she’s starting to put words together. Last night, I gave Lulu her bubble bath and read her a book. After saying her prayers and singing our nighttime song, I gave her a hug and laid her in bed. As I was leaving her bedroom, she said “Nigh-night. Love you. Buh-bye.”


Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

My parents were kind enough to babysit last night while Hubby and I went out to dinner. They couldn’t find any bubble bath for Lulu’s bedtime routine, so they bought some Mr. Bubbles at Walgreens. Do you remember the old fashioned bubble bath?

You know how some scents are attached to memories? I poured two caps full of the pink liquid into Lulu’s bath tonight, and I was instantly brought back to my own childhood. I think it’s awesome that my little girl will have at least one memory that matches my own. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

Our Compassionate Kiddo

For the last few months, we’ve been noticing that Lulu is a very sensitive and compassionate little girl. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t expect a child so young to be as aware of other people’s feelings as she is. I’ve discovered that she’s very upset if she thinks someone else is hurting, but she’s also very excited if someone else is happy. These are just a few examples.

The first time it really hit me how sympathetic Lulu is was when we were reading a book called “The Boy and the Moon.” The moon gets stuck in the tree, so the little boy climbs up and feeds it apples until it’s “so big and round and full that it rolled right out of the tree and into the night sky.”

Every time I read the part about the moon getting stuck and everyone being sad, Lulu covers her eyes and makes a heartbreaking “nooo” noise. But when the moon is saved and everyone starts dancing again, she breaks out into a big grin. I hate to say it, but I’ve actually started trying to read her books with less emotion so that I don’t upset her so much.


Baby Boy’s Arrival

Well I promised you a birth story, so here it is. You should probably know that Lulu arrived one day before her due date. By the time we got to the hospital with her, I was already 7 cm dilated, and she was born about 2 hours later.

The Gibster proved that every baby is different, even before we got to meet him. Remember how I said that a nurse practitioner got my hopes up that he would come early? Well, she was wrong. As we got closer to his due date, I was convinced that each day would be the day. Once January 21st came and passed, I had definitely had enough of being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, but I was so ready to hold our baby boy in my arms instead of my belly.


And the ultrasound says …

We’re having a healthy baby BOY! Isn’t he perfect? I was amazed at how much detail you could already see in his face in the 4D pictures. (If you can’t tell, that’s his face on the right. His little fist is up above his forehead.)


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