Baby Boy’s Arrival

Well I promised you a birth story, so here it is. You should probably know that Lulu arrived one day before her due date. By the time we got to the hospital with her, I was already 7 cm dilated, and she was born about 2 hours later.

The Gibster proved that every baby is different, even before we got to meet him. Remember how I said that a nurse practitioner got my hopes up that he would come early? Well, she was wrong. As we got closer to his due date, I was convinced that each day would be the day. Once January 21st came and passed, I had definitely had enough of being pregnant. Don’t get me wrong, I would do it all over again in a heartbeat, but I was so ready to hold our baby boy in my arms instead of my belly.


One Post Wonder

You know those dinners that they call “one pot wonders” because you just throw everything in a pot, and it’s basically an entire meal? Well, think of this post as a “one post wonder.” I’m going to try to catch you up on everything that’s happened in the past six months. I apologize now for the length of this post.

I’m torn between trying to write this post in chronological order or give you the most important news first. Important news wins out. Our beautiful baby boy is here! Well, he’s actually been here for almost six weeks now. I can’t believe I’m just now getting around to posting about his arrival (more to come in a later post). Here’s a fairly recent picture. Isn’t he adorable?


Heard of Pregnancy Amnesia? It’s real.

When my daughter was about 10-months-old, I started getting the itch. My poor husband listened to me talk about how much I missed being pregnant and how great it would be to have another little one around the house.

To his credit, he didn’t once remind me about how awful I felt during the first trimester of our first pregnancy. Nor did her mention how he frequently had to make dinner because I simply didn’t want to eat. He didn’t even say anything about my crazy mood swings.

Instead, he quietly reminded me that we planned to wait until Lulu was 1 year old before trying for a second. Well, like many couples we figured it wouldn’t happen on the first time, right? Wrong. Last May we found out that we were going to be having another child, and I was thrilled!


It’s time for a new name for Baby Girl

I think I’ve finally come to grips with the idea that our Baby Girl isn’t really a baby anymore. I know I’ve said it before, but it’s starting to sink in that she really is a toddler. She’s becoming such an independent little lady, which is amazing to watch. So I guess she needs a new nickname for the blog. From here on out, we’ll just call her Lulu.

Last weekend we got a great reminder of just how much Lulu isn’t a baby anymore. One of my best friends gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on August 7. Little Lucy is perfect. We were privileged to get to see the family in the hospital the day after Lucy was born.

Hubby and I brought our little girl with us, but we weren’t quite sure how she would react to the newborn. Anyway, Lulu did wonderfully with Lucy. She gave the baby hugs and was very gentle with her.

Lulu didn’t quite understand why I wouldn’t give her the baby to walk around with, but how much can you really ask of a 14-month-old? All in all, I’d say she did fantastically well with the tiny baby.

Later last week we visited the family at home to drop off some presents for the Lucy. Again, Lulu did a great job. At first she ignored the newborn, but then she came over and gave her a hug and was very gentle again.

I’m so excited to see how she will do with a little brother or sister of her own! We keep telling her that she’s going to be a big
sister soon, but I’m sure she doesn’t know what that means. We say that she’ll have a baby brother or sister of her own soon, but again, I don’t think she understands the concept yet.

For those of you who have multiple children, how did you help your toddlers understand what was happening when you became pregnant with the second baby?

We’re back!

I know. I know. How could I go two full months without blogging? I’m sorry. I really am. But I promise that I have a good excuse. … drum roll please …

We’re having another baby!

Can you tell I’m excited? Hubby and I found out just before Baby Girl’s birthday party here in Minnesota, but we didn’t want to make any announcements until we were absolutely sure everything would be okay. Now that we’ve passed the 13 week mark, I’m excited to let everyone know.


Where did the past 11 months go?

Can you believe my baby is already 11 months old? She’s a beautiful, healthy, active little girl. Basically, she’s perfect. But what happened to my tiny baby?

When we brought our daughter home from the hospital last June, my husband and I looked at her in awe as she sat in her car seat. We picked her up and cuddled her for hours. We watched her with wonder as she peered at us with sleepy eyes.


Didn’t you know? Babies are communal property of women everywhere.

You know how pregnant women’s bellies become communal property by month 9? Apparently, the same is true once the baby is born.

This morning, baby girl and I were sitting with my parents at church while Hubby sang with the choir. When our daughter was about a month old, Hubby and I both sang in the choir and my parents took care of the baby. They pretty quickly asked if one of us would kindly sit with them. Going to church with a 10-month-old (Can you believe my baby’s 10 months old today?) can be, well … interesting.


Confessions of a working mom: Umm…. I think I peed my pants

I’ve struggled with whether or not to delve into the … challenges … of being a working mom. After all, some of my colleagues read this blog, and many of my working mommy stories might make those readers uncomfortable. But you know what? I started this blog to share my mommy stories with other mommies, so I finally decided that it wouldn’t be complete without a few awkward work stories.

You might think that a woman isn’t a working mom until her baby’s born, but you’d be wrong. The fun starts well before that. As I mentioned in one of my first posts on this blog, becoming pregnant gets you entrance into the Mommy Club. If you work outside the home, it’s also your introduction to the embarrassing, funny, frustrating and wonderful adventure that is being a working mom.  More

Keeping my fingers crossed for curls

Anyone who knows me knows that I have incredibly curly hair. We’re talking looks “like an afro if you try to straighten it” kind of curly hair. And I love it. It’s part of who I am. In fact, when I was pregnant, a co-worker mentioned that she had curly hair before she had children, but it loosened up a lot after her son was born. Now her hair is – I hate to say it – basically just frizzy.

Needless to say I was not pleased to hear that. It’s up there with “are you sure you want to eat that?” in my book of things you shouldn’t say to a pregnant lady.


Help! Which advice is right for us?

Let’s face it: being a mom is scary. It seems like everywhere I turn there is something new I should be worried about for my daughter. When I was pregnant, people constantly said “You can’t eat that.” or “Are you sure that’s good for the baby?” After my daughter was born, I read parenting magazines that suggested feeding baby certain foods will make her smarter. Over the first few months of her life, people have said things like but she’s so small! or are you sure she’s getting enough to eat?

To all of them, I say thank you. I appreciate their advice. Really, I do. But how am I ever supposed to figure out which advice hubby and I should follow?


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