Happy Mommy Day

Mothers’ day is important to me. And my husband has always tried hard to make it special.

When I was pregnant with our daughter, he was incredibly sweet and bought me a mother’s day gift. I still have the note he attached written on lined journal paper telling me how happy he was that I’m the mother of his children. Every year he reminds me that he still feels that way.

This year for Mothers’ Day, the hubby bought me fancy bubble bath (and we all know I love a good bubble bath!), but the real present of the day was that he taught our daughter to say three adorable words together:


My Mother’s Day

You might not know this, but Sunday was actually my second Mother’s Day. Last year when I was pregnant with our daughter, my husband was incredibly thoughtful and bought me a Mother’s Day present. The card attached said “I am so happy you are the mother of my child. Happy first Mother’s Day.”

How sweet is that?

I was so touched that he wanted to celebrate me on Mother’s Day last year. So you can see that he set high expectations for himself. This year, he definitely met those expectations.

On Friday afternoon, Hubby came home from work and was clearly excited. Picture a little boy on Christmas, and you’ll have a pretty good idea of what I mean.

I was rocking baby girl in her bedroom when Hubby came in. He asked if he could give me my Mother’s Day present early. What was I going to say? No? So he brought a plastic shopping bag into the room and pulled out two beautifully framed pictures.

We took at trip to Peru in 2008 and brought home these gorgeous watercolors. I’ve wanted to get them framed for a long time but never expended the effort to make it happen, so Hubby did it for me. I love them!

But it’s definitely not the present that made my Mother’s Day special. It was how much thought and effort went into that gift. It was knowing that my husband loves me for lots of reasons, and one of those reasons is that I am the mother of his child. We have a gorgeous baby girl, and I’m proud to be her mama.

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