Catching up

I can’t believe it’s been more than a year since I wrote on this blog. As you can imagine, quite a lot has happened in that time. When I last posted, L had just turned 2 years old. G-man was only 5 months old. Today, Lynnie is already 3, and the Gibster is almost 2.

One thing I’ve noticed over the past few months is how much harder it’s been for me to focus on the happy things in my life. Life is hectic, work can be stressful, and we’ve been crazy busy. So with all of that going on, I’m going to start blogging again and focus on the little things my kids do every day that make my heart happy.

My mom used to say that to me when I was a kid – that I “made her heart happy”.  I’m not sure I totally understood why she said that until I had my own kids. But I totally get it now. Every day as I pick up my two awesome children from daycare, I feel the stress of the day melt away and my heart is happier for being around them.

So where do I start updating you on what’s been happening for the past year? Let’s just say that we’ve made some fantastic memories, and I’ll probably write about a few of them in the future. But for now, I’ll just write about today.



Our first kids’ party

This past Saturday we had another 2nd birthday party for Lynnie. This time it was for “her friends.” Okay, so it was for my friends who have kids around Lulu’s age. We had a BLAST!

The party started at 2 in the afternoon, and Lulu started waiting by the front door around 1:30 saying “friends. over.” When our friend Sarah and baby W arrived, Lulu was so excited! And then she realized that she had to share her toys. But she got over that pretty quickly, and had a fantastic day.


Happy Lynnie Day

(a much too detailed account of my daughter’s 2nd birthday)

*Fair warning: this post contains a lot of details because I want to remember everything about my little girl’s special day. If reading detailed accounts of mundane activities isn’t your thing, suffice it to say that her 2nd birthday was pretty great.

“Mommy, c[ome] on. Mommy, wake. Mommy.” It’s not a bad way to start the day, really. Lulu calmly let us know that she was awake and ready for the day around 8 this morning. I went into her bedroom and found her laying sideways in her crib, happy to see me. “Hi, Mommy. Happy Lynnie day!”

I can’t believe my baby girl turned 2 today. I want to remember every detail of the day, because it really was a happy day.


Little Milestones

My daughter will be 2 a week from today. Can you believe it? She’s talking, and running and dancing. And she’s eating with a big girl fork. Last night, we went to Noodles & Co. for dinner. Of course, I forgot to bring a toddler fork for Lulu, but she didn’t mind. She loved eating with a big person fork.

I love that she’s independent. I love that she’s coordinated. I love that she’s becoming a smart, well-mannered little girl. But sometimes I don’t love how quickly she’s growing up.

Today it’s eating with a big-girl fork. Next week it’ll be turning 2. Then before we blink, she’ll be going to kindergarten and doing really big girl things. But for now, I’ll just try to sit back and enjoy watching her learn new skills. Like learning to use a fork.


In the meantime, her baby brother is making his own achievements. His first tooth is coming in, and he learned to roll over this week. We were sitting in the airport lounge waiting for our flight when the Gibster first decided to attempt the roll. By the time he made it from his back to his belly, he had quite a crowd cheering for him. Then today he mastered the belly-to-back roll. Way to go Gib!


Happy Mommy Day

Mothers’ day is important to me. And my husband has always tried hard to make it special.

When I was pregnant with our daughter, he was incredibly sweet and bought me a mother’s day gift. I still have the note he attached written on lined journal paper telling me how happy he was that I’m the mother of his children. Every year he reminds me that he still feels that way.

This year for Mothers’ Day, the hubby bought me fancy bubble bath (and we all know I love a good bubble bath!), but the real present of the day was that he taught our daughter to say three adorable words together:


The Best “Job” in the World

How can my baby girl be almost 2? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was getting up in the middle of the night to feed her instead of her baby brother? Now, my 3 am snuggle time is spent with our son instead of our daughter. It’s our son who’s learning how to roll over, discovering his hands and cooing when I make silly noises.

Lulu, on the other hand, seems to learn something new every day. Her vocabulary is constantly expanding, and she’s starting to put words together. Last night, I gave Lulu her bubble bath and read her a book. After saying her prayers and singing our nighttime song, I gave her a hug and laid her in bed. As I was leaving her bedroom, she said “Nigh-night. Love you. Buh-bye.”


Bubbles, bubbles everywhere!

My parents were kind enough to babysit last night while Hubby and I went out to dinner. They couldn’t find any bubble bath for Lulu’s bedtime routine, so they bought some Mr. Bubbles at Walgreens. Do you remember the old fashioned bubble bath?

You know how some scents are attached to memories? I poured two caps full of the pink liquid into Lulu’s bath tonight, and I was instantly brought back to my own childhood. I think it’s awesome that my little girl will have at least one memory that matches my own. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

The proof is in the picture

I keep telling people that the Gibster is a happy baby, but most of our family and friends see him most often in the evenings. And since the “witching hour” is a real thing, they see him at his worst.

But here! The proof is in the picture. I promise – he really is a happy boy most of the time. Just look at this great smile:


Oh to be a two-year-old

As some of you probably know, last week was a little rough in our household. Poor Lulu got an ear infection which was followed quickly by hand and mouth disease.

I think this is the only time I will ever have a doctor suggest that we feed our child ice cream because eating anything else hurts. Anyway, she was pretty much allowed to eat popsicles whenever she wanted. Now that she’s feeling better, we’re trying to limit them.

This evening, she ate a good dinner, so I let her have a lime popsicle afterward. It was dripping, so I took it and put it in my mouth.

Do you know what Lulu’s reaction was? “Spit mommy. Spit.” She wanted me to give her back the bit of popsicle that I had eaten.

Needless to say, I didn’t, but it was still pretty darn cute.

The Girl in the Mirror

Have you ever thought about how many things we have to learn early in life? It’s amazing to think about all of the little skills that Lulu has already learned. Things like sitting back down after you stand up or putting lego blocks together required so much effort at first. Now she can do both of those things without thinking.

The newest lesson I’m trying to teach Lulu is that the girl in the mirror is her. She loves looking at the mirror and showing herself how to do things.


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