I tamed the mane!

If you read this blog a long time ago, you know that I really wanted my daughter to have curly hair like mine. Lynnie’s hair is beautiful, but it’s pretty straight. Her brother, however, has super curly hair. I love his hair. Like, I really love his hair. But it definitely needed to be tamed.

Last summer we took both kids to get their hair cut for the first time together. Yeah… I waited until Lynn was already 3 before getting her hair cut, and we haven’t touched it since. She does so well sitting still for me to brush it, and her daddy and I both really love her hair long. But I digress.

I swear this post really is about the Gibster. Anyway, we hadn’t gotten his hair cut since last summer and it was getting truly crazy. I tried to cut it about a week ago, but Gibby cried so much that I couldn’t make myself do it. After I washed his hair tonight (which of course was traumatic enough), I got up the courage to give his hair a trim. My goal was to pull it in but leave the curls.

Once I started actually cutting, it wasn’t so bad. Unfortunately I don’t think Gibby agreed. We had to bribe him with m&ms to stop crying so I could finish. In addition to his tears, there was something sort of sad about seeing his curls piled on the bathroom counter. But I think it turned out pretty well in the end.

Ta da! It’s hard to see in this picture since his hair is wet, but I think it turned out okay.

LOVE the difference.

LOVE the difference.

I think I’ll probably try to keep doing Gibby’s myself until he’s older. Yay for saving money! Do you cut your children’s hair?


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  1. Michele C.
    Nov 13, 2013 @ 08:52:39

    I cut B’s hair with the buzzers for 4 years, it was awesome. Now he wants a ‘big boy’ haircut so we’re back to salons, but we have a great little place near us, not a big chain, and they do a great job w/ both kids. M hates doing her hair so it has to stay short until she gets over that 😉


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