The joy of new snow boots

Apparently my daughter shares my love of new shoes. Like all good moms, I waited until after the first major ::ahem:: snowfall of the year to buy new snow boots. My poor baby had some very cold feet when I picked up her from daycare earlier this week because her tennies got soaked when we had about two inches of snow. Since then, she has informed me each day that she needs new snow boots.

So today I swung by the store after work on my way to pick the kiddos up from daycare and purchased a pair of pretty fabulous pink snow boots. I spent a little more than I wanted to, but they have a nice thick black sole/toe along with a warm fuzzy inside, and they’re pink. So really, what choice did I have but to get them for her?

My decision was completely validated when I gave them to Lulu and she exclaimed, “Mom! I think these are pretty awesome!” 

pink snow boots

Do you agree with Lynn’s assessment?

I love how much little things like this make my three-year-old daughter so happy. As soon as we got home from daycare, Lynnie put on her new boots and refused to take them off until bed time. I’d say that was worth the extra few dollars to get the pink snow boots.

Now if only I could find some nice warm toddler boots for her brother, I could avoid being that mom again the next time it snows.


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