Our first kids’ party

This past Saturday we had another 2nd birthday party for Lynnie. This time it was for “her friends.” Okay, so it was for my friends who have kids around Lulu’s age. We had a BLAST!

The party started at 2 in the afternoon, and Lulu started waiting by the front door around 1:30 saying “friends. over.” When our friend Sarah and baby W arrived, Lulu was so excited! And then she realized that she had to share her toys. But she got over that pretty quickly, and had a fantastic day.

As more of our friends arrived, she got more and more excited. By the time my parents arrived, we were ready to get in the swimming pool. Let me tell you: watching four toddlers play in a kiddie pool might be the best way to spend an afternoon.

And of course, I’m sure you were all wondering how the ice cream caked turned out this year. You might remember that last year’s cake looked more like a Halloween cake than a birthday cake. This year’s turned out much better! The only issue this time was the Lulu insisted on eating of the balloons. Thank goodness my sister suggested that we pick up one of the balloons and put it on the piece of cake on Lulu’s plate. Crisis averted.

(I just realized that we didn’t take any pictures at the party, so I’ll have to update this when I get the pictures from my parents-in-law who took lots. Sorry about that.)

So thank you to everyone who came to Lynnie’s first kids’ party birthday party. And Happy Lynnie Day!

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