Little Milestones

My daughter will be 2 a week from today. Can you believe it? She’s talking, and running and dancing. And she’s eating with a big girl fork. Last night, we went to Noodles & Co. for dinner. Of course, I forgot to bring a toddler fork for Lulu, but she didn’t mind. She loved eating with a big person fork.

I love that she’s independent. I love that she’s coordinated. I love that she’s becoming a smart, well-mannered little girl. But sometimes I don’t love how quickly she’s growing up.

Today it’s eating with a big-girl fork. Next week it’ll be turning 2. Then before we blink, she’ll be going to kindergarten and doing really big girl things. But for now, I’ll just try to sit back and enjoy watching her learn new skills. Like learning to use a fork.


In the meantime, her baby brother is making his own achievements. His first tooth is coming in, and he learned to roll over this week. We were sitting in the airport lounge waiting for our flight when the Gibster first decided to attempt the roll. By the time he made it from his back to his belly, he had quite a crowd cheering for him. Then today he mastered the belly-to-back roll. Way to go Gib!


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