Happy kiddos make for a happy mommy

I wish I had brought a tape recorder with us to dinner tonight. Out of nowhere, Lulu started saying the word happy. Other than mommy, dada and nana, this is really the only word that she pronounces really well.

Ha – pee. Ha – pee. Ha – pee.

We were eating dinner when Lulu randomly started saying “happy.” Of course, her daddy and I immediately started to encourage her. There might have been a little bit of bribery in the form of a small sip of chocolate milk every time she said “happy.” We giggled every time she said it. I’m hoping she remembers the word tomorrow. How great would it be to ask Lulu “how are you?” and have her respond “happy.”

Lulu’s baby brother is also getting to be so much more expressive. Lately he gives me the biggest smiles every morning. The Gibster’s big blue eyes dance, and his face lights up when I make silly sounds to him. Tonight, he did something that his big sister has never really liked to do. He danced with me!

It was so much fun! I just hummed and sang to him while we danced around the living room. What are the changes that he’ll always like to dance with his mommy? Well, a girl can hope right?


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  1. Dodging Acorns
    Apr 17, 2012 @ 20:42:35

    Learning to talk is by far one of my favorite parts of watching my children grow. From first words, new words, to sentences, to the stories Ben tells and the things he comes up with. Our tiny little view of their incredible minds!


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