Back to work a second time

Well, I did it. I went back to work this week. On Wednesday, I left my precious babies at daycare, drove to the office, and did my job.

This is another one of those mommy things that everyone seems to have an opinion about. “Wasn’t it so much easier the second time around?” was the most popular. Another good one was, “You’ve done it before, so it’s old hat, right?”


I’m sure (like most things) every parent has a different experience when it comes to leaving their children with someone else while they go off to work. But for me, this time has been harder than it was with Lulu. When I went back to work after having Lulu, I was conflicted. On the one hand, I liked my job and was happy to be back. On the other hand, I felt guilty about wanting to leave my daughter with someone else during the day.

Now, I’m happily reminded that I love my job. But I’m also torn because I genuinely want to spend more time with both of my kiddos. They are such amazing blessings, and I’m sad about the time I’m missing out on.

Don’t get me wrong. We have an amazing daycare situation. Both of my kids get so much love and attention at daycare that it’s hard to feel guilty about leaving them there.  All three days this morning, the Gibster has been happily cooing at Miss Mickie (our daycare provider) when I’ve left. Two out of three, Lulu was excited to be there, too.

So how do you other working moms handle the emotions involved with leaving your kiddos in someone else’s hands during the day?

*Check back on Monday if you’re interested in reading about one of the less glamorous aspects of returning to work.


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