The swing really is a wonderful thing

When Lulu was a baby, Hubby and I didn’t fully appreciate the swing that my parents gave us as a gift. I’d heard other mothers extol the virtues of this “baby must-have,” but Lulu didn’t really like it. She was happy enough to be in the swing, but she was just as happy to lay on her play mat or be held.

At one month old, Lulu was entranced the bright colors of the animals on her play mat.

Exhibit A:

1 month-old Lynn on her playmat

In fact, now that we’ve pulled it out again for her baby brother, she loves climbing in next to him to play with the hanging animals and turn on the music.

The Gibster, on the other hand, will only tolerate the play mat for a short amount of time. For example, it bought me a much needed 7 minutes this morning to shower. But he doesn’t like to spend much more than that on it. (Think that’s because his big sister is always pestering him when we put him on it?)

But he LOVES the swing. Whether I just need my hands free to do the dishes, or Gib is crying inconsolably, the swing is my best bet. I lay him in it, set the swinging motion on high, and turn on the water or white noise sounds. Within 2 minutes, my beautiful boy is calmly looking at the grey and yellow birds swinging above him, or he is sound asleep.

Exhibit B:

Gibby in the Swing

So I have let go of my “mommy guilt” that says I should be holding (or at least actively entertaining) my son every minute of my maternity leave. Unfortunately, sometimes he would just rather be hanging out in his swing instead of laying my arms.

Here’s a question for the other mommies out there: Do/did your babies like the swing? Or were there other toys/baby gear that entertained them more effectively?


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