Playing at the park in March? Yes, please!

March in Minnesota can be a little bit miserable. When I was growing up in Texas, spring break meant it was time for swim suits and tank tops. Here, not so much. March can sometimes mean blizzards in Minnesota, but this year it’s meant weeks of temperatures in the 60s and 70s. And we’re loving it!

My favorite thing about the warm weather while I’m still on maternity leave is that it means the kids and I can go to the park as much as we want.

Last summer, Lulu and I went to the park most days after I got home from work. She loved going down the slides then, but she didn’t play with other kids much. This year it’s been really fun watching her interact with the other children at the park. She’s usually a little bit shy at first, but after a few minutes she gets in there taking turns and sharing sand toys.

We finally started bringing some of her toys to the park a few weeks ago. I made Lulu a “park bag” with some old plastic measuring cups, a plastic shovel and a sand sifter. After the first few park trips with the bag, I decided that she needed a bucket. Thankfully, the Target $1 section has bunches of Spongebob and Elmo toys, and I found a Spongebob bucket that Lulu loves!

The slides are by far her favorite thing at the park, but lately she’s been a little more adventurous. We went to a new park the other day, and she decided to give the rock wall a go.

She didn’t have much luck actually climbing the wall, but she had lots of fun anyway.

Lulu isn’t quite two yet, but Hubby and I have already started spelling P-A-R-K instead of saying “park” if we aren’t absolutely sure that we’ll leave soon. Otherwise, Lulu starts saying “slide” (or really “lide! Lide!”) and then she goes to find her park bag.  On the other hand, it’s so much fun to see her get excited when we are getting ready to go to the park. So this afternoon, you can guess where we’ll be headed. To the park!

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