Our Compassionate Kiddo

For the last few months, we’ve been noticing that Lulu is a very sensitive and compassionate little girl. I’m not sure why, but I didn’t expect a child so young to be as aware of other people’s feelings as she is. I’ve discovered that she’s very upset if she thinks someone else is hurting, but she’s also very excited if someone else is happy. These are just a few examples.

The first time it really hit me how sympathetic Lulu is was when we were reading a book called “The Boy and the Moon.” The moon gets stuck in the tree, so the little boy climbs up and feeds it apples until it’s “so big and round and full that it rolled right out of the tree and into the night sky.”

Every time I read the part about the moon getting stuck and everyone being sad, Lulu covers her eyes and makes a heartbreaking “nooo” noise. But when the moon is saved and everyone starts dancing again, she breaks out into a big grin. I hate to say it, but I’ve actually started trying to read her books with less emotion so that I don’t upset her so much.

Then a few weeks ago at daycare Lynn’s hand was slammed in a door. Her hand probably hurt pretty badly, but she didn’t cry because of her own pain. She cried because the little girl who shut Lulu’s hand in the door was crying. The other girl was mad at herself and very upset over hurting Lulu. So what did my precious baby girl do? She hugged the other girl and tried to make her feel better instead of complaining about her own “bonk.”

Lulu’s especially worried if she thinks that her daddy or I are in pain. Last weekend our family went through a very difficult time. Hubby’s grandfather was very ill and in the hospital. We got the call on Saturday that we should probably drive out there to say goodbye.

As we were packing up the diaper back to leave our house, I told Lulu that her daddy was sad, and she needed to try to be extra nice to him. She became very solemn, walked over to him and patted his arm while saying “nice.”

When we arrived at the hospital, Grandpa Gibby (whom our son is named after) was in bed with lots of machines and tubes and wires around him. That would be scary for anyone to see, especially a little child. Lulu was afraid, and she didn’t want to be in the room. But when it was time for us to leave, she amazed me. She walked straight into the room and around the bed. Then she climbed up and gave her great grandpa a kiss. She told him she loved him, and she held his hand while he said he loved her.

Gibby passed away on Sunday afternoon. After the wake last night, Lulu was going around saying goodbye to everyone. She pointed at the casket and said “Grandpa” because she wanted to say goodnight to him too. Then today at the funeral she leaned over to give him a kiss as we said our final goodbyes.

I’m not sure how much she understood the situation, but I am sure of one thing. I was incredibly proud of our little girl this week. I am proud to be raising a child who is so aware of other people’s feelings, and who shows empathy even at such a young age. I can only hope that as she grows up, she never loses her sense of compassion for others.

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