And the ultrasound says …

We’re having a healthy baby BOY! Isn’t he perfect? I was amazed at how much detail you could already see in his face in the 4D pictures. (If you can’t tell, that’s his face on the right. His little fist is up above his forehead.)

Truthfully, can you really ask for anything more than healthy? It was so reassuring to watch the ultrasonagrapher count all of our baby’s little fingers and toes, the chambers of his heart and all of his organs. It’s crazy to think that even as tiny as baby still is, each of the body parts are already formed and doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

But I have to say, Hubby and I are ecstatic about having a boy. Of course we would have been thrilled to have another little girl, but we are really looking forward to having one boy and one girl.

We’re going to name this little guy after our grandfathers. Before we found out that Lulu was a girl, Hubby said he wanted a Junior. But this time around, he changed his mind. Long before our ultrasound last week, Hubby said that if we had a boy, he’d like to name him Gilbert (Gibby) Hugh. Gilbert after one of his grandfathers and Hugh after one of mine.

I know what you’re thinking. Gilbert is a pretty unusual name, but at least it isn’t totally made up! We’ll call him Gibby when he’s little, and he can go by Gil or whatever he’d like when he’s older. And at least we know there won’t be any other little Gibbys in his classes at school.

It’s nice to be able to put a name to the baby in my belly. I’ve never been a fan of calling itty bitty babies “it,” and it sounds
kind of funny to say “the baby” all the time. So now I can say things like “Gibby kicked me!” or “Gibby sure seemed to like that chocolate cake, I’d better have some more.”

So all in all, could life really get much better? I have a gorgeous, happy little girl. My husband is a wonderful man. And we’re having a healthy baby boy. Our lives really are very blessed. That makes it pretty easy to focus on the happy. Let’s hope things keep looking up as we head into fall here in Minnesota.


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