Lulu with the newborns

I wrote earlier about how great Lulu did with my friend Aimee’s new baby girl. Hubby and I were really happy to see Lulu wanting to be gentle and nice with little Lucy.

On Monday, she got to see two more new babies. First, some friends brought their one-month-old over for lunch. Once again, Lulu did great. Our only trouble was that she kept trying to steal the baby’s pacifier. No big deal, right?

After lunch, Lulu took a nap. Then we went to visit some other friends and their brand new baby boy. When we arrived at my friends’ house, the baby was sleeping. That was great because it gave us time for Lulu to get used to her new surroundings. Of course, she wanted to play with the cat’s toys. Then she had fun rearranging the DVD collection. But overall, she was really well-behaved.

Once baby boy woke up, I was excited to get to hold him. While my friend fed the baby, Lulu kept wanting to hold the bottle. Baby C’s dad was right when he said that she didn’t want to steal it. She just wanted to hold it for the baby.

Once the feeding was done, my friend passed Little C to me. I was so grateful to get to hold him! Is there anything like holding a tiny newborn in your arms?

Lulu didn’t act jealous while I had the baby, which was fantastic. Unfortunately, Baby C was a little bit fussy. Lulu wanted to cheer him up, so she kept trying to give him her pacifier. She definitely didn’t understand why we wouldn’t let her put it in his mouth. Unfortunately, that made her very upset, so I had to give Baby C back to his mommy.

All in all, it was good to discover that Lulu definitely likes other little babies. Now we just have to work on teaching her how to “help” in a way that’s a bit more … well, helpful.


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