Lulu and her puppy

Most of you probably know that Hubby and I got a puppy in September of 2009. We got married that July, and he had promised me I  could get a dog after the wedding. After looking and looking, we decided to get a black lab from the Humane Society.

I’m allergic to some kinds of dogs, so we drove all the way to Buffalo (MN) to meet Tank. I fell in love that day, but to be on the safe side we went home to see if I would get sneezy. Since I didn’t, we drove back the next day and picked him up.

Wasn’t he adorable?

He’s still adorable, but considerably bigger now.

Anyway, three days after we got Tank, we found out that we were going to have a baby. We did what we could to prepare Tank for
Lulu’s arrival, but he was still skittish when we brought her home the first time. It was like he wasn’t quite sure what she was.

As time has passed, he’s shown himself to be very good with her. He lets her climb on him. The other day she literally sat on his  head while he laid on the kitchen floor. Once he’d had enough, he licked her feet to make her move.

Today while I was making dinner, Hubby put Lulu on Tank’s back. She laid down and gave him a big hug while he walked around with her (with Daddy holding on, of course).

When she climbed off, she immediately looked at her Daddy, signed “please” and pointed to Tank. It was pretty darn cute! I wish I’d had a camera then. Next time, I’ll have to be sure to catch a picture.

Although we might have been a little hesitant about getting a dog so close to finding out that we were expecting our first baby, it
turned out to be a great thing. We probably would not have gotten Tank had we known Lulu was on the way, but our life would be very different without him. He’s so good with Lulu, and I’m sure he’ll be great with the New Baby once he or she arrives.

Do you have pets? How do they do with your little ones?


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Dodging Acorns
    Aug 31, 2011 @ 20:12:16

    cats. they could care less that we had Boy, and the one cat we have left (Ned) just sees 2 of them as 2 more people to pet him 😉 We were very lucky!


  2. lbkphotography
    Sep 08, 2011 @ 22:05:42

    He really is so wonderful. He’s such a good dog for his age, clearly he has good owners! 😉 We have one dog, Chloe, a corgi. She is pretty tolerant with Kylie, though gets a little nervous when both of the girls are going a little crazy. Heck, even I get a little nervous then! LoL All in all though, she knows when she’s had enough and she’ll either lick Kylie to make her stop doing whatever it is she’s doing or she’ll just get up and park somewhere else.


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