Not my favorite milestone

I know, I know. Every new milestone is exciting. When Baby Girl first started crawling, I was in awe. Our little 5-month-old was moving on her own power! Then she started to take a few steps at 9 months, and again we were ecstatic about the new development.

Now, at 15 months, Baby Girl has learned how to do something else new: She can climb on top of the coffee table.

Forgive me, just this once, for being more anxious than delighted. Of course, she’s been climbing on other things for quite some time. She started climbing up and down stairs before she could walk, and she recently began climbing the steps up to slides at the park. So I really should have known this was coming.

I have to admit, as much as it makes me nervous, it is pretty cute to watch Baby L climbing at home. Earlier this evening, she was gathering items to put on the coffee table.

Once she had her daddy’s shoes, a talking book and a stuffed bear on the table, she climbed up. Then she very carefully dropped one shoe on the floor, climbed off and then climbed back up.

She repeated the process until every item was on the floor, and then she put them on the table again. She must have spent 30 minutes entertaining herself (and me!) that way. I probably shouldn’t encourage the behavior, but it was just too darn cute!

So maybe I’m not too upset about the new milestone. Any other moms out there have suggestions for keeping little ones safe while they are climbing on the furniture? Or better yet, suggestions for discouraging the behavior? Thanks in advance!


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