Playing at the park with baby

Baby girl is almost a year old, but we haven’t
really played with her at the park yet. Last summer, she was too little. And
let’s face it, Minnesota winters aren’t exactly conducive to playing outside
with a baby.

So today we took baby girl to the park on our way
home from church. There’s a park close to my parent’s house that has a special
toddler area. Instead of sand or woodchips, it has the semi-squishy rubber
ground. There are baby swings and a small jungle-gym with a slide.

First Hubby and I put baby girl in the swings. She
loved it! We had so much fun watching her smile get bigger each time Hubby
pushed her. I think she also got a kick out of watching her shadow move.

Then we moved on to the slide. It was a short,
straight slide. I liked that it didn’t have any bumps or twists. (I’m sure
bigger kids love the more interesting slides, but I was glad to see a small,
simple one for my baby girl.) She had so much fun on the slide. Hubby crouched
at the bottom of the slide while I helped baby girl to the top of the slide.
When I let her go, he was there to catch her. Then we switched places. I have
to admit, I loved watching her smile as she slid down to me.

We let her walk around a little bit, and she kept
going back to the slide. It was really nice that the bigger kids were
entertained in a different section of the park, so we didn’t have to worry
about our little girl getting run over. There were a few other toddlers at the park,
and she enjoyed watching them slide down almost as much as she liked sliding
down herself.

All in all, it was a great experience. I’m sure we’ll
be making many more trips over to the park this summer.

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