What’s worth worrying about?

When I was pregnant, I totally thought I was going to be one of those mothers who walks around with a bottle of hand sanitizer and refusing to let people touch the baby until their hands were clean and they promised not to kiss the baby. Thankfully for all of us, I’m not one of those members of the mommy club.

I also thought I might end up being the kind of mother who needed a video monitor to rest assured that she was not tangled in the covers or suffocating in the crib bumper. Again, thankfully a regular sound monitor does just fine for us.

But now that baby girl is getting older (and more mobile!), I’m discovering that I am one of those moms who worries. Some of my worries are silly. For example, I’m terrified that she isn’t eating enough, but I know that she is gaining weight. I’m scared that we don’t read to her enough, but her daddy reads her a story every night before bed.

I think some other worries, however, are valid. I worry that she will choke on her food if I’m not watching her while she eats. I worry that she will fall down the steps if I’m not there to catch her. And I worry that she’s going to scrape herself up if she toddles too quickly down the sidewalk.

That doesn’t mean that I think I can (or even should) prevent potential danger. She’s feeding herself solid foods, and that’s important. She’s figuring out how to climb up and down the steps – and she even knows what “feet first” means! And she’s learning to love being outside, even if the ground feels a little bit different. All of that is good, but it doesn’t keep me from worrying.

So what about you other mommies out there? What logical, or maybe not so logical, fears do you have when it comes to your kiddos?


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