Is my baby really becoming a toddler?

I can’t believe that my baby girl’s one year birthday party is only a month away. Now, in all fairness, we are doing the party two weeks early to fit with family members’ schedules, but still! How can it already be time to plan baby girl’s birthday party?

I know this sounds cheesy, but it truthfully feels like only yesterday I was on maternity leave. Little L wasn’t even a month old in this picture, but doesn’t it look like one of the best things life has to offer?

Baby girl and I were going for walks around the neighborhood, spending entire days in her rocking chair sleeping and reading… I feel like she should still be my little baby. But she really isn’t anymore.

I’ve been noticing more and more every day that she’s entering toddlerhood. First she started walking. But as long as she wasn’t getting into too much trouble, I figured she still qualified as an infant. I mean, she was only 9 months old, right?

Lately, she’s been climbing stairs, turning when she walks, and the latest “milestone”: standing up without pulling on anything. Yep, that’s right. She sticks her little tush up in the air and stands herself up. All on her own.

I know she’s still only 10 months old, but I miss my tiny baby girl who would cuddle with me all day. Now she wants to explore and play. She wants to feed herself instead of having me spoon feed her. And she wants to make some decisions on her own (like what toy to play with).

But as soon as I make up my mind that she’s becoming a toddler, she reminds me that she is definitely still my little baby. She cries when I don’t pay attention to her. She snuggles into my shoulder when she’s sleepy. And she communicates through reaching, babbling and screaming for what she wants.

So maybe it is time to plan her birthday party, but I can still hang on to her babyhood for a little bit longer. And who knows? Even toddlers are really still babies, right?

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