Another adventure in eating out with baby: Boston Market

Eating out with an infant is always an experience. Now that baby girl is eating finger food, it’s actually kind of fun. She’s big enough that most high chairs let her reach the table, and a handful of cheerios or peas keeps her entertained. At least for a little while.

That brings me to my new way of evaluating restaurants. Since I put baby girl’s finger food right on the table, I always clean it off with a wipe before putting her food down. I’ve discovered that most restaurants actually have pretty clean tables. We’ve only been to a few at which the wipe came away black or even gray after rubbing the table down.

Boston Market, in particular, surprised me. Hubby and I decided to stop there for dinner on a whim one evening, so we didn’t have anything with us for baby girl. Of course, I always have a small Tupperware of cheerios, but that didn’t strike me as a particularly great dinner.

Did you know you can order three sides as a “meal” there? I didn’t, but it worked really well. We got green beans, mac n’ cheese, and mashed potatoes. Made a pretty decent meal for me and baby girl.

The highchairs there are also better than lots of other places, so baby girl could easily reach the table. Plus I wasn’t worried that she could squirm her way out of the restraint. Also a plus!

But the most surprising part of eating at Boston Market with baby was that my wipe was nearly completely white after I cleaned the table off. Who know?

Now if I could only get baby girl to quit trying to put her feet on the table, I’d be really great!

Speaking of her feet, aren’t they adorable?

(Sorry… I couldn’t resist.)

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