Didn’t you know? Babies are communal property of women everywhere.

You know how pregnant women’s bellies become communal property by month 9? Apparently, the same is true once the baby is born.

This morning, baby girl and I were sitting with my parents at church while Hubby sang with the choir. When our daughter was about a month old, Hubby and I both sang in the choir and my parents took care of the baby. They pretty quickly asked if one of us would kindly sit with them. Going to church with a 10-month-old (Can you believe my baby’s 10 months old today?) can be, well … interesting.

Mass is at the same time as baby girl’s morning nap time, so some Sundays she sleeps through the service. That’s pretty much ideal. I get to cuddle with her, but I can also focus on the mass. Those Sundays are, however, few and far between.

Most weeks go like today did. Baby girl started out wanting to sing with the congregation. That’s not a problem, but she also wanted to babble while the priest prayed. She happily chatted to the family sitting behind us during the readings, and by the Gospel reading she was really peeved she was not the center of attention.

So baby girl and I walked to the back of church where she was happy to walk around for the rest of the service. We paced back and forth on the tile floor, with baby girl toddling happily. I only had to reach down and help her a handful of times. She’s getting really stable on her feet!

Anyway, back to babies being communal property.

Baby girl and I returned to the pew in time to get in line for Communion. After Communion come the closing prayers. Baby girl was fussy so I attempted to let her walk along the pew. The (I’m sure very nice) lady sitting behind us picked her up.

She picked up my daughter.

Now I realize that we were at church, and that the woman was trying to be helpful. She’s probably a member of the Mommy Club herself. But really? I don’t know you, and you’re now holding my 10-month-old child. Baby girl squirmed and reached for me, so I took her back. Since she wanted to walk so more, I set her back down on the pew.

The woman did it again. She reached down and scooped baby girl up.

Thankfully, mass ended shortly thereafter, and I was able to politely take baby girl back. I hugged her close and thanked the woman for trying to help. Of course we had a nice conversation about how wonderful baby girls are, and she left to go on with her day.

To all of the other mommies, have you had this experience? I don’t remember ever having anyone try to randomly touch my belly when I was pregnant, but this kind of weirded me out.

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  1. Dodging Acorns
    Apr 03, 2011 @ 21:29:27

    ha! awesome. No one has ever picked up my children unless it was a playground get-one-out-of-the-way-another-is-coming-down-the-slide situation (happened again today!). But the belly thing drove me nuts. Totally random people touched my belly. And I hated it. But as for my kids, so far no one has picked them up. I do have to deal with older women wanting to touch the little one sometimes, but now that she’s older that has subsided quite a bit.


  2. Laura K
    Apr 04, 2011 @ 15:04:32

    I’ve definitely never had that happen, though I always get admirers and random commenters (99.8% women) whenever I take K out in public. What that woman did was a tiny bit creepy, though I’m sure totally well intentioned. Have you ever seen her before or met her in passing?

    I won’t lie, I’m super glad that our church has a nursery so we can enjoy the service and worship in peace.


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