Walking in the spring sunshine

It’s April 1, and it finally felt like spring has arrived in Minnesota. I’m not sure what the temperature was, but it was warm enough to throw on a sweater, put baby girl into the front pack, and go for walk in the neighborhood. I have to tell you, feeling the sun on my face and getting outside was wonderful.

Baby girl and I didn’t go for a long walk, but we had a great time. As soon as we left the house, I knew my daughter was just as happy as I was to be going for a walk. She started waving her arms and bouncing (as well as she could bounce in a Baby Bjorn, anyway).  

Spring in Minnesota is an odd combination of ugly and beautiful. The snow and ice melt leaving puddles on the sidewalks and little rivers running in the streets. The grass is mostly brown, and the trees are still bare from the winter. But the sky is vividly blue, and the sunshine bounces off of the little snow that’s left on the ground.

As we walked, I sang a little made-up song to baby girl. I’m sure if any of my neighbors heard us, they would have known that spring’s late arrival was making me a little loopy. But who cares? My little one loved it. She sort of hummed and babbled along with me, and we enjoyed every minute of our time in the sunshine together.

Going for walks like this was my favorite part of maternity leave. When I first went back to work last August, I would rush home so that I could take baby girl and Tank for a walk. I’m excited to get back into that routine.

Unfortunately, I hear today’s warm weather is nature’s way of playing an April Fool’s Day joke on us because it’s supposed to get cold again this weekend. Oh well, at least I was able to take advantage of today’s beautiful weather. It can’t be too much longer before all of the snow is gone and spring arrives for real. Right?

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