Two words: consignment sale

I have a confession to make. I love buying clothes for baby girl. I know that a sale at Carter’s or Babies R Us doesn’t usually mean great deals, but I can’t help myself. I go anyway, and I almost always come out with one or two outfits. Sure, they don’t cost a lot, but when you add up all of those little unnecessary purchases, it can get expensive.

That’s why I love the Just Between Friends consignment sale. Twice a year, the local community center is taken over by a giant kids’ stuff consignment sale. The entire gymnasium is covered with rack upon rack of clothes, tables full of toys, books, shoes and other kid gear. At the back of the gym, you find the strollers, pack ‘n plays, play gyms and other big toys.

Tonight, a mommy friend and I went to the sale. Talk about a huge gathering of the Mommy Club. I showed up 15 minutes before the doors opened and the line was already wrapping back on itself. Pregnant women, other mommies and friends crowded together and chattered excitedly as we waited to be let into the gym.

As I walked into the sale, I reminded myself of my goals: an Easter outfit, play clothes sizes 9-12 month and 12-18 month, soft-soled shoes, and maybe a couple of toys if there were any good deals. It would have been so easy to wander around the sale for hours, picking up dozens of things we don’t really need. But I restrained myself and headed straight for the racks of girls’ clothing.

You have to be careful when you go to these things. Some of the clothes really aren’t that much less expensive than they would be at a regular store. Others have been washed one too many times. But the majority of the clothes at this particular sale are really in pretty good shape at pretty great prices.

For example, I bought a beautiful Easter dress for $9.

There were a few to choose from, and of course some were more expensive than others, but I’m really happy with the one I picked. I think baby girl’s Christmas dress cost $25, so I saved $14. How great is that?

I also picked up quite a few onesies, pants and summery outfits. All of them were at least a couple of dollars less expensive than they would have been new, and they are all in great shape. If that wasn’t enough, I also found two toys for baby girl. Brand new, this little xylophone would’ve cost me $16 on Amazon.

The toys together cost me $9. I am so excited that I was able to get some things that baby girl will enjoy for so much less.

Over-all, I am still amazed how much stuff I was able to get for so much less than I would spend at a regular store. If you have a Just Between Friends sale near you, I would definitely suggest you venture out to it. I know I look forward to our two sales each year, and you can see why!


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  1. Michele
    Mar 30, 2011 @ 22:15:49

    Yay JBF! I think I spent $500 total in 4 trips there & my kids are set for toys for life! And my Ergo. 🙂


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