One of the best baby purchases we’ve made

When hubby and I registered for baby gifts, we figured that we probably didn’t need everything the Babies R Us guide says to get. For example, we were pretty convinced that we didn’t need a wipe warmer (although I registered for one anyway), and we knew that it was way too early to look at potty training seats.

But we didn’t know that a high chair was something else to cross off the list.

Luckily, a coworker gave us the high-chair that his now-five-year-old son used, so we didn’t end up buying a new one. However, we discovered that the standalone high chair wasn’t baby girl’s favorite place to be. Let’s face it. It wasn’t even on her top ten favorite places to be list. Okay, she pretty much hated it.  

So hubby and I decided to buy the Fisher Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster Seat. Baby girl loves it!

See? Those are happy feet.

Hubby and I were cooking dinner tonight, and baby girl was fussy because she wasn’t being held. So I moved the new booster seat into the kitchen and strapped baby girl in. I was rewarded with a big smile. Then I gave her some steamed carrots (left over from yesterday’s cooking adventures), and got an even bigger smile.  

You know what else is great? The booster seat folds up super easily, so we can bring it with us to other places. In fact, we already toted it to a friend’s house for dinner last weekend. For once, I didn’t have to eat one-handed with baby girl on my lap.

I’d say the booster seat was one of the best purchases we’ve made for baby girl. Oh, did I mention that it only cost about $15 with the Amazon coupon I got in a magazine? Definitely a better deal than the $150 high chair we registered for.

PS – I feel the need to mention that Fisher Price didn’t ask me to write this review. Heck, they have no idea who I am, nor do they know that I’m talking about their product.


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  1. Michele
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 10:25:02

    Hehe! Ben LOVED his highchair & still wants to sit in it. Maddy is mixed, we go back & forth with the booster seat but Ben still needs it too, so I guess it’s one more thing I need two of!!!


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