My little giggle box

You know those phrases you hear people say and think Where did they come up with that? I’ve got lots of them. When I was younger, I thought my dad was totally nuts when he called me or my sister a “giggle box.” And I’m pretty sure I thought my mother was a overly sentimental for saying that we “made her heart happy.”

But you know what? Now that I’m a member of the Mommy Club myself, I totally understand the sentiments.

Every day when I pick my daughter up from daycare, she lights up at seeing me. Her grin and outstretched arms make me forget about whatever unimportant work worry I was hanging on to. She becomes my entire focus, and I’m instantly in a better mood. I now understand what my mom meant, and my daughter definitely makes my own heart happy.

After we got home today, I was holding baby girl in her rocking chair. She started squirming and I wanted just a couple more minutes of snuggle time. So I did what any normal mom would do and I tickled her. I buried my face in her belly, and do you know what she did? She giggled!

This is the most sure-fire way I’ve found to get her to giggle so far, but I’m always looking for other opportunities. Later this afternoon, her daddy was carrying her down the stairs and I was making funny noises. Again baby girl started giggling.

That laugh is the best sound in the entire world.

I hope she’s always this happy. I know that as she gets older it might not be as easy to make her giggle, but I’m holding on to hope that she’ll always be my little giggle box.

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