Giving thanks for grandparents

When I was a kid, I used to get to spend a week with both sets of grandparents in the summer. I’d go to my Mimi and Papa’s house in Oklahoma, and we’d go shopping and swimming. They’d always take me to church with them, too. The kids had their own Sunday School class, so I got to play instead of sitting still in the pews (like I would’ve if I’d been at my own Catholic church at home). It was the best!

Then I’d go to my other grandparents’ house in St. Louis. They had a big farm with a pond in the back. I loved to fish in that pond. I remember one time Grandpa let me spend the day on the dock catching bluegill (I think they call them sunnies up here in the North). Other times I would wait all day until it was late enough for Grandpa to go fishing for catfish with me. Then he’d clean all the fish we caught, and Grandma would fry them for dinner. That was the best, too.

Now that I have my own daughter, I’m excited for her to get to make those kinds of memories, too. I love that both my parents and hubby’s parents live close enough for baby girl to see them once a week. Even at 9 months old she lights up when my dad reaches to pick her up. She smiles when my mom sings to her. She grins at her other grandma while she plays peek-a-boo, and she reaches up for a hug from her other grandpa.

Family is incredibly important to me, but most of my family is scattered across the country (and even out of the country). We always have a blast when we get together, but it’s hard to find a time that works for us all. So I’m glad to know that baby girl will get to grow up with more family close. We’re so blest to have both sets of her grandparents nearby. She gets to see both of them once a week most weeks, which means she’ll always know how much they love her.

Plus – we have built in babysitters. What could be better?


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