Makin’ baby food

Until my daughter was six months old, I basically refused to give her anything to eat except for breast milk. There were a couple of reasons for this:

First: Breastfeeding comes easy for me. I know that’s not everyone’s situation, but it just clicked for me and my baby girl. To this day, some of my favorite mommy moments are nursing by daughter.

Second: The American Academy of Pediatricians suggests exclusively breastfeeding for six months.

Third: Breastfeeding is free. Well, mostly free anyway. My husband likes to tease that breastfeeding isn’t really free because we have to feed me. I do eat a bit more than I used to before I got pregnant, but I don’t really think it’s impacting the budget at all. So let’s go with it’s free.

Anyway, that’s why my daughter didn’t get solid food until her six month birthday. That last reason, though, is really why I make all of her baby food. I could say that it’s better for her because it’s all natural fruits and veggies (which it is), but my real motivation is saving money.

Have you noticed how expensive baby food is at the store? It’s like $1 for a small jar. And if you want the stuff that doesn’t have preservatives, it’s even more expensive. This seems a little bit ridiculous.

I can make an entire ice cube tray of baby food for the cost of one of those jars. See? (Picture is of baby berries.)

Okay, maybe for the cost of two jars, but you get my point. It’s so much less expensive to make baby girl’s food than it is to buy jars at the grocery store.

Also, I know exactly what goes into each cube of baby food, which makes me more comfortable that she’s only getting things that are good for her. I also know that the food I’m making her doesn’t taste icky (at least in my opinion).

So now you know why I make baby girl’s food. Later this week I’ll share some of my daughter’s favorite recipes, including the one in the picture above.


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